Safety, compliance and preventive maintenance doesn’t get any easier, more simple or quicker than this by using DEVTRA Inc. The “CHECKER”® inspection check-list books available for all industries. Now you can inspect generators, pumps, compressors, welders, service/utility trucks, ER/EMS, fire trucks – ladders and pumpers, buses, compactor, bailers, shredders, trailers, standard fleet vehicles such as pickups, cars, vans, SUV’s, chainsaws, mowers, grounds-keeping trimmers, sprayers, blowers, road repairs such as pavers, milling, construction equipment such as backhoes, wheel loaders, graders, dozers, dump-trucks, haulers, cranes and hoists, skid steer, fork lift and the rest of your fleet. These are great for improving your safety initiatives and meeting compliance inspection requirements, as well as standardizing and documenting all of your inspections. You will get lots of value as each book will last you 6 to 7 months on a single shift operation with the 150 two-copy carbonless sets in each book. There is even an optional storage pouch for storing and mounting each book with the vehicle or on the machine to make it convenient for everyone to access and use! These will make your pre-start/pre-trip or post-trip inspections, maintenance and servicing requirements really easy and quick to keep your vehicles, equipment and machines running.

New books are always being added for your operations. (800) 291-4719

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