Setra Systems, Inc. a leader in precision weighing instruments, introduces the new Checkweigher electronic counting and weighing scale. Designed with Setra’s patented, award winning variable capacitance technology, the Checkweigher offers high accuracy and internal resolution for your checkweighing applications.

The Checkweigher provides up to 1 million internal increments for precision in small parts counting, and up to 500,000 user selectable displayed increments for highly accurate measurement (50,000 to 60,000 displayed divisions factory default). The 2 second response time can be reduced to 1 second through filtering and decreasing scale sensitivity.

Ideal for material handling, inventory control and packaging applications, users simply select a target weight or count for filling operations and enter the over/under tolerance. The Checkweigher automatically signals the operator when the load is in on target. Thanks to an intelligently designed user-interface that provides readable prompts in clear English, the Checkweigher display will easily guide even an inexperienced operator through check weighing tasks.

The Checkweigher is available in a full range of capacities, including 2 kg (4.4lb), 5 kg (11 lb), 12 kg (27 lb), 16 kg (35 lb), 25 kg (55 lb), 30 kg (65 lb) and 50 kg (110 lb). It features excellent readability - standard from 0.02 g (0.00005 lb) and 1 g (0.002 lb) - and a database that allows long-term storage of up to 1,800 part numbers with their associated low, target, high and Average Piece Weight (APW). The optional relay box is optically isolated and provides 3 outputs and 2 digital inputs. The optional light tree provides compact visible indication.

With three RS232 ports, the Checkweigher integrates easily with the computer, barcode scanner and label printer. Bar code labels with up to ten fields of text on one label can be printed directly from the scale. The barcode scanner allows you to easily change the product configuration of your production by scanning in a new product ID.

For more information, contact Setra at 1-800-257-3872, fax: 978-635-9551, e-mail: [email protected] or write to Setra Systems, Inc., 159 Swanson Road, Boxborough, MA 01719. Visit Setra on the World Wide Web at Setra Systems, Inc. – Weighing Systems Division is an ISO 9001 certified company.

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