Checkweigher & Reject System

Thompson Scale’s Model 4693HD In-Motion Checkweigher and Model 10313 Sweep Arm Reject can be provided on an incline up to 12° without affect to performance or weighing accuracy.

The 4693HD Checkweigher has weight range capacities from 10 lbs. to 110 lbs., and can handle production rates up to 60 bags per minute. Scale conveyors range in length from 28”, up to 54”, with standard belt widths of 24”. Extra heavy-duty frame construction and commonly available drive components make for an extremely reliable and trouble-free checkweigher system.

Our Sweep Arm Reject uses identical construction as the checkweigher, making for common spare parts. Over-sized air cylinders, pivot mounts and heavy-gauge diverter plates combine to make for a rugged and reliable reject conveyor.

For more information, call 713/932-9071 or visit our website at

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