Chemical Hazmat Storage Building

Hollister, CA: Complexities and costs involved with managing the handling and storage of multiple chemicals are simplified within a multi-sectioned hazardous material containment system from Safety Storage, Inc.

Separation and storage of non-compatible materials such as acids and corrosives; volatiles and inactives; or the segregation of chemicals by unique temperature requirements is achieved within a single structure. Proven, pre-engineered components are designed into a single structure in order to reduce the storage building footprint within restricted space sites and to reduce cost.

Cost-saving single unit buildings feature innovative, custom multiple-compartment configurations. Each separate access compartment is specially engineered and designed to meet both code requirements and user handling needs. Where greater control of individual compartments is required, Safety Storage can provide restricted entry access, individual heating or cooling systems and other custom options.

The pre-engineered, non-combustible steel structures can be configured within a 2-hour or 4-hour fireshield system. Individual secondary containment sumps and natural ventilation are supplied for each chamber. For greater utility and convenience, custom pallet storage systems, rack shelving systems or workspace areas can be designed, as needed, within each section.

For more information, please contact Mr. Dean Alcott; Safety Storage, Inc.
2301 Bert Drive, Hollister, CA 95023; Tel: (800) 344-6539;; Email [email protected].

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