CHEP Launches Sustainability Website

ORLANDO—CHEP, the global pallet and container pooling company, unveiled a new website that shows the impact of shipping platform choices on the environment and supply chain. Located at, the site allows companies to easily calculate how much solid waste is eliminated as well as the amount of greenhouse gas emissions and energy consumption lowered by using the CHEP pallet pool as compared to other shipping platforms. The site also shows how shipping platform selection affects transportation and procurement costs, product damage and product handling productivity.

“We believe it is important to help companies validate their environmental sustainability claims, and that’s why we developed the new site. The numbers presented clearly show the benefits of the CHEP program over other pallet management solutions,” said Michael Lamb, president, CHEP USA.

The calculations on the new site are based on a report released last fall that validated the positive environmental impact of the CHEP equipment pooling solution as compared with one-way pallets, pallet exchange and slipsheets. Prepared by Franklin Associates, a leading consulting company specializing in life cycle analysis and solid waste management issues, the study revealed that CHEP pooled pallets produce much less solid waste, require less total energy and reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

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