Christian Salvesen to Build a New Facility Near Amsterdam

Eurinpro (Eindhoven, The Netherlands) has reached an agreement with Christian Salvesen, one of Europe’s major logistics providers, to build an 86,000 sq.-ft warehouse near Amsterdam, the Netherlands. Christian Salvesen will rent the facility and use it to store and distribute food products throughout Europe, in particular chocolate biscuits for United Biscuits, one of Christian Salvesen’s major customers.

When it is operational in April 2006, the warehouse will include 15 loading docks, each of which will be situated in day-long shade to protect the contents inside the trailers. An 8,600 sq.-ft. mezzanine will contain a sheltered workshop where Christian Salvesen will perform value-added tasks for United Biscuits.

“Because our customers require supply chain management services across an entire region, we are expanding our operations throughout Europe. The site in Westpoort Atlaspark, situated close to Amsterdam’s city center and near major air, water and surface connections, is the perfect location for us in the Netherlands,” said Remy De Schepper, head of projects at Christian Salvesen.

The building will have a free height of 33 feet with 79- to 105-foot free spans that will facilitate rack positioning and the easy movement of the goods. In accordance with food storage regulations, the warehouse temperature will be controlled between 57 to 62 degrees, with the atmospheric humidity between 40 and 70 percent.

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