Clean Room Hoist

When you absolutely positively, have to keep it clean!

Enjoy proven CM Lodestar Electric Chain Hoist performance in any clean room, from basic wipe down applications to complete wash-down environments. The Lodestar provides reliability and consistency for a wide array of applications. From food processing to circuit board assembly, the Lodestar means maximum production and long-life. Whether your work area includes high humidity, corrosive materials, or sanitary conditions, the Lodestar offers superior efficiency and versatility.
From its stainless steel load chain to its sealed, weather-proof construction, the Lodestar exceeds the standards necessary for clean room operation. Using non-oxidizing grease rather than oil for lubrication eliminates drips, and the stainless steel load chain guards against flaking or peeling.

Regardless of the industry, hoist operators constantly rely on the Lodestar chain hoist for their material handling needs. Whether it is for handling food, pharmaceuticals, or electronics, put the world’s most popular electric hoist and our company’s 130 years of experience to work for you.

Visit us online at for additional information or click HERE ( to arrange for a needs assessment by a CM representative.

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