CLM Announces its Asia-Pacific Singapore Conference March 1-2, 2004

Oak Brook, IL - The Council of Logistics Management's (CLM) Asia Roundtables host an international conference, Asia-Where the Supply Chain Singapore, March 1-2, 2004.

Asia-boosted by its powerhouses China and India-as well as the rapidly developing economies of the ASEAN 10 and recent trade agreements-is now the focal point of businesses worldwide.

With the stage now set for the next wave of phenomenal economic growth, this international conference in Singapore will highlight the importance and intricacies of supply chain issues in Asia. By providing a lively and interactive platform, the sessions will afford luminaries and participants an outstanding opportunity to exchange ideas and experiences for a deeper understanding of the Asian supply chain.

Keynoting the event will be Roger MacFarlane, chief executive officer for UTi Worldwide Inc, sharing a CEO's perspective of global supply chain management.

An array of renowned international speakers-from such companies as UPS, ExxonMobil, DHL, Freemarkets, FedEx, CAT Logistics, SAP, Venture, and TNT Logistics-will address industry-specific and global issues from the viewpoint of businesses in the US, Europe, and Asia.

Chaired by professionals and academics with broad experience in Asian issues, the conference will feature three tracks:

Global Perspectives-broad global issues pertaining to logistics and supply chain management in Asia-Pacific including supply chain (SC) strategies, technology integration, and trade agreements

Industry Specifics-an interactive exchange of success stories and lessons learned about logistics and SC outsourcing in Asia

Logistics Frontiers-current trends and challenges as well as the way practices are taking shape in the face of overwhelming odds

With today's rapid globalization, issues of great relevance to the Asian supply chain more often than not significantly impact those located throughout Europe and the Americas as well.

Asia-Where the Supply Chain Begins., a CLM Asia-Pacific Conference, will be held on March 1-2, 2004 at the Raffles City Convention Centre, Singapore. Registration is now online at under the Seminars link.

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