Cloud-Based Freight Management

Cloud-Based Freight Management

GT Nexus now offers transportation management as a cloud-based service over the Web. Users can now procure and manage truck services on the same core platform used for international transportation.

GT Nexus provides a central, secure, cloud-based repository for contract and rate information, including support for ocean, air and truck transportation. Users access the platform through a standard Web browser, to retrieve and compare routes, rates and service metrics across carriers.

With centralization of this crucial information, shippers can automate procurement, optimization, contract management, visibility, execution and audit operations. The active partner network includes the top ten 3PLs and the top 30 ocean carriers, along with a large number of truck and rail providers and thousands of suppliers. GT Nexus cloud supply chain services also include in-transit visibility, supply chain finance, supplier enablement and landed cost automation.

GT Nexus

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