CodeMaster 2 QL

ROSEMONT, IL – Setting a higher standard in rugged industrial lighting design, Appleton today introduced a new version of its popular Code-Master® 2 explosion-proof incandescent lighting fixture incorporating Induction Lighting Technology to deliver 100,000 hours of labor-saving, virtually maintenance-free operation that lowers total cost of ownership. Plus, with the lowest T-Rating in the industry, the new Code•Master 2 QL runs cooler for optimal lamp life.

Code•Master 2 QL fixtures are designed to provide safe operation in the presence of ignitable gases, vapors or dusts, such as in industries manufacturing paints, thinners, petrochemicals and plastics. Rated NEMA 3R and 4X, the new fixtures are equally suitable for outdoor saltwater locations, marina fueling stations and other wet environments. These areas are especially well served by a long-life induction fixture because lamp replacement is often a burdensome, expensive task.

Bright and reliable, the fixtures are easily mounted in any position, including globe up or down, using pendant, ceiling or wall bracket mounts. Customers can choose from clear, amber, blue, green or red tinted globes. An optional aluminum guard offers improved protection against accidents or vandalism.

Code•Master 2 QL fixtures are finished with an epoxy-powder coat finish, electrostaticly applied for uniform corrosion protection. Ballast bodies, mounting hoods and guards are constructed from (4/100 of 1% maximum) copper-free aluminum. Standard fixtures are factory sealed so no external seals are required, plus have heat-resistant globes, and threaded, flame-tight joints.

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