Collapsible Container is Ergonomic

Collapsible Container is Ergonomic

Buckhorn Inc.’s Maximizer is a pallet-sized, collapsible container featuring an integrated pallet and lid system. It is an alternative for corrugated bulk container users who ship and store light-duty dry goods. Maximizer is easily constructed by one person and can be reused hundreds of times. The walls easily assemble and collapse, while the integrated locking system provides strength and stability in transport. It is made from durable, moisture-resistant plastic and can be stored indoors or outdoors. Two full-width access side doors and four-way forklift pallet entry enhance ergonomics.

The Maximizer is 100% recyclable, has a 48” x 40” x 41” footprint and holds up to 1,000 lbs. It weighs approximately 30% less than traditional plastic bulk boxes and can be stacked three high for added storage space. One assembled unit can store eight collapsed containers inside.

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