Column Guards

Saukvile, WI. . . Omega Column Guards are designed to keep your facility secure by preventing catastrophic damage to building support columns. Omega Column Guards are supplied by Omega Industrial Products, a leading manufacturer of industrial safety products.

Omega Column Guards install around the base of a building column and protect the column from the impact of a forklift or other in-plant vehicles. These guards shield structural columns or roof supports and also safeguard the mechanical, plumbing and electrical apparatus that columns may support. Omega Column Guards feature a rigid frame design constructed of steel and equipped with factory welded base plates that bolt directly to your facility floor for easy installation. The Omega design isolates columns from energy created in a collision rather than just cushioning the blow. Omega Column Guards encase H-Beam, round or square building columns and are available in a variety of sizes to meet your specific need.

Omega Column Guards are protected with an attractive, durable, powder coat finish that includes ultraviolet and sea spray enhancements. The Omega finish offers years of maintenance free protection even for outdoor applications. The bright OSHA approved, traffic safety yellow color is highly visible even in low light conditions. Custom colors and finishes also available upon request.

Omega Industrial Products offers heavy-duty Safety Barriers, Industrial/Commercial Guardrails, Trak-Shield Overhead Door Track Guards, Column Guards, Downspout/Pipe Guards, Rack Guards, Pipe Bollards and HDPE Bollard Covers, Quick-Step Structural Stairway Systems, and Handrails. All products feature an attractive, durable, OSHA approved traffic safety yellow powder coat finish.

For additional information, contact Omega Industrial Products at 800-521-8272, FAX 262-284-4199, or visit the company's web site at

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