Column Sentry FE

Bright red column protectors with cutouts for fire extinguishers are now available from Sentry Protection Products. Column Sentry FE both prevents expensive column damage and facilitates easy access to fire extinguishers throughout facilities, as fire codes require.

Tim Boothby, Project Engineer for KraftMaid Cabinetry, began equipping the fast-growing KraftMaid plants with the ultra-tough Column Sentry product in 1998, and later approached Sentry Protection Products for a fire extinguisher-ready version of Column Sentry. Boothby explains, “Before we used Column Sentry protectors our columns were left vulnerable to heavy lift truck traffic. A tow motor or lift truck can do quite a bit of damage unless Column Sentry protectors are used. Fire codes for this sized facility require us to have fire extinguishers posted at several columns that we also want to protect from collisions. Now, the bright red Column Sentry FE has a cutout that allows us to put the fire extinguishers inside it; and we continue to use the original bright yellow Column Sentry on columns that do not require a fire extinguisher. The red color column protectors make the fire extinguishers easy to spot in case of a fire. With Column Sentry FE, we are able to keep our facility up to code and also get the collision protection we need.”

Column Sentry and now Column Sentry FE are molded of low density polyethylene with a patented air-chamber system that allows air to escape during impact. Column Sentry’s patented design defines the high performance standard for column protectors, and is proven to be 80% more effective than knock-off imitations. Available in a number of sizes to fit nearly every column, Column Sentry and Column Sentry FE can be installed or removed in minutes, and are fully washable.

Sentry Protection Products ( created the first patented solution for warehouse collision protection in 1988 and now offers a family of warehouse protection products for columns, racks, corners, pillars and posts of all sizes. Product inquiries can be directed to Jim Ryan, [email protected] 888–265–8660.

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