Com-Flo Compact Gap Conveyor

Com-Flo Compact Gap Conveyor

Portec Flomaster announces the availability of the Com-Flo™ Compact Gap conveyor. The Com-Flo is the perfect solution to fill the short, wide gaps in your conveyor line or for queuing and singulating products.

Short-wide belt conveyors represent a difficult engineering challenge. The belt is not long enough to track properly. The traditional solution is to attach a V-guide to the bottom to the belt to keep the belt centered on the conveyor. The use of V-guides require that the conveyor slider bed and end rolls have a center groove. The reliability of this type of conveyor is low because the short life expectancy of the V-guide. Conveyors with V-guide tracking must be operated only at low speeds.

Portec overcomes these problems by eliminating the need for a bottom V-guide. The Com-Flo combines Portec’s proven chain/loose-belt system and a ½ hp Werner motorized pulley to create a unique conveyor that is compact and very durable. The Com-Flo is available in conveying widths from 19-40 inches and lengths from 12.5-24.5 inches. The Com-Flo can fit in very small spaces.

The chain/loose-belt system both powers and tracks the conveyor belt. An end roll mounted sprocket engaging a precision chain, which is attached directly to the edge of the belt, positively drives the conveyor belt. No belt tension is required. In fact, the conveyor belt is loose. This system is unaffected by changes in loading, belt tension, temperature and humidity. Even at speeds up to 350 fpm, there are none of the problems associated with bottom V-guides and friction driven conveyors. The positive chain drive means reliable operation even in harsh and difficult environments with minimal maintenance. End roll lagging is not required and end roll slip (and damage) does not happen in cycling operations.

The Com-Flo is powered by a ½ hp Werner motorized pulley with 6 standard gear ratios. The Werner motorized pulley is AC inverter ready with available belt speeds of 2-350 fpm. Two 15w fans mounted in the side frame provide extra cooling. The motorized pulley eliminates the need for external drive components.

For more information about the new Com-Flo Compact Gap conveyor from Portec, call 719-275-7471 or email [email protected]. The Portec website is .

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