Compact, Medium-Duty Robot

Compact, Medium-Duty Robot

ABB Robotics’ IRB 2600 is a medium capacity range of multipurpose robots. It features a compact design, an ultra-wide working range and a payload capacity up to 45 pounds. Applications include case packing, process tray handling and loading, and small format palletizing applications.

The IRB 2600 can be floor-, wall-, invert- or shelf-mounted, helping to reduce floor space requirements and increasing access to the equipment being served. Wall-mounting is a new possibility for a robot of this size. This flexibility allows the robot to be mounted in the optimal position for the specific application, enabling more creative cell designs, more efficient use of available space and easier integration into existing production lines.

The IRB 2600 is quick enough to improve production cycle times by up to 25%. The high joint speeds and quick acceleration are achieved by combining new lightweight mechanical linkages and ABB’s patented second generation QuickMove motion control technology.

ABB Robotics

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