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Compact Work Lamp for Application Flexibility

Compact Work Lamp for Application Flexibility

Grote Industries’ Cube 2500 lumen work lamp uses LED circuitry and advanced package design and is available with flood and wide flood lighting patterns. Applications include lift trucks, agricultural and construction, mining, refuse and container equipment. Its 6-LED package is sized 4”W x 5”H (including mounting hardware) x 3”D. The small size enable equipment lighting solutions in places where larger lamps are precluded without compromising the amount of light emitted. Grote uses low noise electronics and sources LEDs from suppliers that calibrate the color temperature of their LEDs to ensure white light that mimics daylight to reduce eye fatigue and operator stress. Mounting flexibility allows the lamps to be located in specific areas to help minimize employee accidents. Encapsulant potting material ensures complete circuit board protection against moisture and corrosion. The die cast aluminum housing protects it from shock and workplace abuse.

Grote Industries

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