Company Adds Used Lift Trucks to Product Line

Handling Innovations announces the addition of used forklifts to their online material handling product lines.

Handling Innovations LLC (Cornelius, N.C.) is adding used lift trucks to its line of material handling products.

"We've received too many requests for used lift trucks from customers who've bought other products. So it just made sense to add them to complement our other lines." says Michael Alexander, marketing manager.

The lift trucks will come from a variety of sources, lease companies and manufacturers, full maintenance lease programs, and factories that resell to wholesalers. The rest will be purchased from businesses that are closing or from trade-ins.

The used lift trucks will be warehoused near Greenville, S.C. and will ship nationwide. Pricing will vary based on demand, age, warranty requested, and level of reconditioning.

Source: Handling Innovations

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