Container Dischargers

Container Dischargers

System discharges containers of dry bulk material into a surge hopper and meters the product into 50# boxes or 20# bags.System features a continuously welded tubular carbon steel frame with USDA approved Steel-It™ finish. Product contact surfaces are 304-2b stainless steel with welds ground and polished smooth. Containers are lifted, rotated 150°, and discharged into a stainless steel surge hopper. Unit includes the MTS exclusive two-speed hydraulic circuit and the patented Control-Link™ Rotation System for smooth, controlled carriage rotation. Hopper features a motorized agitator to promote consistent material flow into a high-speed vibratory feeder. Feeder delivers material through a stainless steel fill head into the desired container. System includes a variable speed feeder, scale, and weigh indicator for filling containers to a precise weight.

Contact: Brian Carpenter
Phone: (269) 673-2125

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