Ursa Wagons are already the best constructed and easiest to use utility wagons on the market. Now the Ursa Contractor takes it up a couple of notches. With a thicker dump box and heavy duty wheels, you can load the Ursa Contractor with your roughest stuff like stones and cement block.

Just because it’s tough doesn’t mean it can’t be easy. The Ursa Contractor’s patented design and durable construction helps you tackle the toughest jobs. Large wheels and high ground clearance help you cross rough terrain while you pull, simply, with one hand or a small tractor.

When it comes time to empty your load, Ursa’s Ergo Pivot™ uses the rearward weight of the load as a counterforce to lighten the load on you. This way you can easily tilt the dump box all the way past 90° to remove all its contents in a singular, effortless motion.

The Ursa Contractor is available with a choice of two wheel types. One choice is a heavy duty pneumatic turf tread tire on a solid steel hub with ball bearings and grease fittings. The other choice is a microcellular foam never-flat tire on a solid steel hub with ball bearings and grease fittings. Both options roll easily over rough ground and obstacles with a full unencumbered 14” of ground clearance.

You can plan on the Ursa Contractor outlasting your chore list. It is made right here in the USA from corrosion-resistant powder coated steel and an extra-thick polymer dump box rated to minus 40 degrees F with UV inhibitors built right in. The Ursa Contractor will help round out the edges of your rough and tumble world.

Janet Schuerman
[email protected]

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