Conveyor: Up, Down and Over

Conveyor: Up, Down and Over

Dorner Manufacturing’s DustPruf 5300 Series plastic chain conveyor comes in a Z-frame configuration, giving users the option to move product up and over obstacles, maximizing floor space. Having one conveyor line route product up and over obstacles lowers the overall operating cost due to using just one motor to drive an entire system. It also reduces potential product loss by eliminating transfer points between conveyors.

The DustPruf 5300 Series comes in widths between eight inches and two feet and lengths up to 83 feet. Speeds can reach 250 feet per minute and load capacities up to 500 pounds. Z-frame angles are available from 5° to 60° in 5° increments.

The conveyor is “dust proof” thanks to a streamlined frame design that virtually eliminates all catch points where particulates or debris can collect. A common source of dust comes from corrugate or through the packaging process. Also, many granular or fine particle products often become airborne only to fall back onto the conveyors during manufacturing.

Dorner Manufacturing

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