Conveyor Flange Adapter

The 700 Series Conveyor Flange Adapter from Boston Gear (Quincy, Mass.) is designed for increased control and lower maintenance costs on material handling conveyors. The direct-mount worm gear speed reducer replaces costly and heavy chain drive mounted on many material handling conveyors. Fewer moving parts that traditional chain and sprocket drives means the system costs less to operate. The adapter is easy to install because it attaches to existing conveyor side rails with standard two- and four-bolt mounted bearings.

Full Release:

CFA 700 Series

The CFA700 Series is the newest addition to the 700 Series family of products specially designed and manufactured for material handling conveyors. This patent pending technology makes it simple to mount the speed reducer directly to the conveyor frame using a uniquely designed integral output shaft flange. This state of the art OEM friendly product will dramatically increase productivity and decrease maintenance expenditures.

Features and Benefits
· Integrated Mounting Flange
- Minimizes the size & weight of the reducer
- Eliminates the need for • Mounted flange bearing
§ Drive sprockets
§ Driven sprocket
§ Roller chain
§ Chain guard
§ Reducer mounting bracket
- Less inventory
- Fewer purchased components
- Faster & easier installation
- Faster disassembly
- Eliminates high maintenance components

· Interchangeable with 2 & 4 bolt mounted flange bearings
- Speed reducer drops in/mounts to existing side rails
- No conveyor redesign required
- Mounts in any position

· Rubber mounting pads & flange hole bushings
- Compensate for minor misalignments
- Reduce noise
- Limit vibration
- Flange bushings align with mounting hole patterns
- Bushings match common mounting bolt sizes color coded by size

· OSHA standard end cap cover
- No exposure to moving parts

· Patented PosiVent® Pressure Equalization System
- Eliminates the need for conventional pressure vents
- Factory filled with synthetic lubricant
- Lubed for life, no oil changes required
- Ready to install…..right out of the box

What they’re Saying

"Quality material handling conveyors require quality components, that's why one of our key suppliers has been and continues to be Boston Gear. We are assured of getting quality worm gear products from Boston Gear that haven't changed over the many decades we have been doing business together. Our relationship with Boston Gear is as good as it gets."
Charlie Parks
Vice President
Roach Conveyor

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