Conveyor Guard

Handle-It® Conveyor Guards are floor-mounted protection equipment that serve as a barrier between forklift traffic and conveyor stands, or any type of floor mounted equipment. Not only are the conveyor guards durable, they are incredibly easy to install. Easy-to-use instructions allow the heavy-duty steel guard sections to be installed correctly, using furnished ½” wedge anchors. In order to accommodate a wide variety of applications, Handle-It® Conveyor Guards are manufactured in sections of 3 feet to 10 feet, and can be joined to make a continuous straight run in 1 foot increments, starting at 3 feet. Each section is constructed of sturdy 7-gauge steel formed into 12” high x 6” wide units. Five strengthening gussets are welded to the back of 6 foot through 10 foot sections. Shorter sections have three gussets. In addition, each unit is yellow, powder coat painted to provide a visible, durable, and attractive barrier. MII Equipment, Inc. stocks the entire line of Handle-It® Conveyor Guard. Let their personable customer representatives help your company increase safety measures and protect your valuable assets by calling them at 800.236.1080, faxing them at 414.453.9975, or visiting their website at

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