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Grand Rapids, MI – Dematic Corp. announces an all new family of conveyor technology called the Rapistan Modular Conveyor System. A totally integrated and flexible package conveyor system, the Rapistan Modular Conveyor System offers improved carton control, quiet operation, and low energy consumption.

All the conveyor modules are built on a universal side channel. Modular conveyor sections available to build a system include roller or belted straight sections, curves, inclines/declines, right angle transfers, steerable wheel diverters, etc. The modules utilize many common components so unique parts are minimized and fewer overall parts are required to be kept on hand, making it easier to maintain.

The Rapistan Modular Conveyor System is scalable and flexible as configuration changes are simple to accomplish. Modules can be added or moved as needed as a company’s business changes. Right angles transfers and wheel sorters can quickly be added. The system also can easily be retrofitted into an existing conveyor system.

According to Gregg Vandenbosch, conveying and sorting product manager for Dematic, the Modular Conveyor System was designed from the ground up to increase a company’s operational flexibility. “The Rapistan Modular Conveyor System gives companies complete flexibility when it comes to their conveying and sorting options,” said Vandenbosch. “As their business changes, they can make changes to their conveying solution and not have to start over with an entirely new conveyor. Being able to drop in new modules or change configurations will give companies the flexibility needed for the ever-changing requirements they are facing today.”

The Rapistan Modular Conveyor System can be configured with motorized rollers, standard AC drives or variable frequency drives. Carton control is optimized through an available segmented belt conveying surface with automatic tracking and self tensioning belts. Controls are mounted onboard and are connected with CAN Bus allowing parameters such as conveyor speed, accumulation mode and sleep mode, to be adjusted locally or from a central location.

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