Corner Boards Protect Unit Loads

Corner Boards Protect Unit Loads

Corner Board PDH, from Double H Plastics, is fabricated of high-impact polystyrene, resulting in extra protection for unit loads. It withstands crushing forces up to 25-percent greater than paperboard, protects edges and corners of the load from damage, gives better vertical stability, and shields those areas gripped by strapping.

Corner Board PDH can be sterilized and is inherently non-microbial and anti-bacterial. It’s also waterproof and weather resistant, and since it’s not prone to pick up dirt and other contaminants it maintains a clean appearance.

It comes in standard sizes of 3”, 36”, 42”, 48” and 60”. Custom lengths are also available and it’s both re-usable and recyclable. Corner boards come in white and black, and just-in-time delivery can be arranged.

Double H Plastics, Inc.

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