Corrugated Steel Drop-bottom Container

Drop bottom containers offer a fast, efficient and safe way to move and place parts for assembly and many other types of operations. These heavy duty corrugated steel containers are built to stand up to the harsh, everyday usage typical in most industrial environments. When used with a custom-designed workstation, parts are discharged through the bottom of the container and placed at the fingertips of a machine operator. Drop bottom containers work exceptionally well with custom designed feeder stands for efficient delivery of parts to other handling equipment such as vibratory bowl feeders.

With a lift truck mast attachment the drop bottom container can be used without a stand, enabling easy discharge of the contents such as in scrap-handling applications. Production parts can be moved and placed exactly where they are needed without manual handling increasing productivity while reducing worker injuries. Drop bottom containers can also be stacked for increased floor-space utilization.

Powell’s drop bottom container is available in a standard size measuring 33”x48”x24”. The 20 cu.ft. capacity will handle up to 6,000 pounds. Other sizes and special configurations are available by order. Many options are also available including in-turned or out-turned corrugations and reinforced seams.

More information is available on the company’s website,, or by calling 765-884-0613.

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