COVER-PAL 6000 Stretch

Arpac’s new COVER-PAL 6000® Stretch, stretch hood pallet covering system provides versatility in storing palletized products, while minimizing risk of environmental damage from dust and water. This end-of-line packaging system provides 5-sided pallet coverage without the need for a top sheet, making it ideal for products destined for indoor and outdoor storage in cost clubs, home centers, construction sites and freight centers.

The COVER-PAL 6000® Stretch stretch hood pallet covering system offers numerous advantages over standard pallet wrapping, including:

  • Higher production capacity - wraps pallets at speeds up to 140 pallets per hour with less film changeovers
  • Brand messaging can be printed directly onto the film, enhancing product recognition
  • Transparent pallet cover enables labels to be read without removing the film
  • Unlike stretch film used by conventionalstretch wrap equipment, stretch hood films are recyclable
  • US manufactured, serviced and supported with standard Allen Bradley controls

Arpac’s COVER-PAL 6000® Stretch is the latest addition to the Arpac stretch product line. It will be manufactured in the USA, based on a proven Thimon™ patented stretch hood technology. Arpac’s COVER-PAL 6000® Stretch stretch hood pallet covering system will be on display at this year’s Pack Expo show in Las Vegas, booth # 800. For more information, please call Romy Modlin at 847-678-4078.

For more information, contact:
Angela Tillander, Marketing Coordinator
Phone: (847) 678-4081
Fax: (847) 671-3280
E-Mail: [email protected]

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