CPP 110

CPP 110

Skokie, IL - CABKA North America, Inc. will be showcasing its one-way Send and Forget TM plastic pallets at ProMat 2007. Light-weight, durable, resistant to oils and bacteria and made from CABKA’s own recycled plastic material, these pallets have gained considerable attention in the United States and Canada.
Fully recyclable and made from a clean and consistent recycled material, the pallets are ISPN-15 approved. Since raw wooden pallets are barred from passing through US customs, more and more companies are turning to CABKA’s one-way plastic pallets to avoid difficulties with using chemically or heat-treated wooden pallets.

CABKA’s New Plastic Automotive Pallet, Designed specifically for the automotive parts industry, the CPP 530 ACM is generating a great deal of interest and sales. As a 48" x 45" sized pallet, it meets the standard size used by the automotive parts industry. The CPP 530 is a nine-legged pallet that can hold up to 5000 lbs for static loads and up to 2200 lbs for dynamic loads. Weighing 24.5 lbs, it is lighter and easier to handle than comparable wooden pallets. Currently being reviewed for approval by Honda, GM and Toyota, the 530 ACM is, like all of CABKA pallets, durable, resistant to oils and bacteria and available at an affordable price.

Another version of this automotive pallet, the CPP 533 ACM, is the same size as the 530 ACM only with three stingers attached on the bottom feet. These stringers allow users to double or triple stack, rack up to 1500lbs and use the pallet on conveyer systems. The CPP 533 also handles larger weight capacities, with an increased capacity of 7500 static and 2500 dynamic pounds.

An Air Cargo Pallet! The CPP 110
Recent to the CABKA product line is the 48”x40”, nestable, air cargo pallet, CPP 110. Designed specifically to fit into 747 cargo planes, the CPP 110 weighs only 14 lbs. Since the cost of air freight is about $1.50 per pound of weight, the CPP 110 can mean big saving for customers shipping by air. This pallet also has attachable skids, making it the CPP 120. We recently began to manufacture the 110 and 120 pallets from our recycled material, improving the cost significantly.

Binda 122 Strapping Beam Production in St. Louis
In response to popular demand, we have shipped our Binda Strapping Beam mold from our Israeli plant to our new facility in St. Louis. Initially designed to alleviate damage to product in the MDF board industry, the Binda is finding customers in particle board and metal sheeting. The Binda, a 48” x 5” strapping beam, is useful for transporting unusually long products and can hold a static weight of 30,000 lbs.

For more information please contact:
Niles Maxwell - Sales Manager
CABKA North America
[email protected]
847-982-0140 (w)

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