Cradle Cart

Cradle Cart

(Sturtevant Wisconsin) Topper Industrial is a leader in the design and manufacturing of world class material handling solutions.

(Stevens Point, Wisconsin) Sunrise Medical is a worldwide leader in hosptial and home healthcare beds.

The new versatile Cradle Cart was designed and manufactured in-house at Sunrise Medical by Troy Clendenning. Troy has a pending patent on Cradle Cart design and has entered into an exclusive manufacturing agreement with Topper Industrial.

The need for this kind of cart was identified when a new position of Continuous Improvement Lead was created at Sunrise Medical to completely review the entire manufacturing process and identify areas where a more lean and ergonomic approach could be taken. "It all came down to being able to easily move, store and access the tubular material used in the assembly of hospital and home healthcare beds. Says Troy. "Since the Cradle Carts' introduction at Sunrise Medical we have been able to save money

in production time, considerably reduce the use fork-trucks and better utilize more than 10,000 square feet of manufacturing floor space used to store the containers of metal tubes. The Cradle Cart has also been instrumental in making the assembly of Sunrise Medical's products more lean, ergonomic and safe."

The success of the cradle cart has lead to a number of design enhancements for a wide variety of uses. If there is a manufacturer or retailer who needs to move and store commodities or products that are long such as lumber, sign posts, extrusions...etc. The Cradle Cart can drastically improve an assembly operation, open floor space, or make it easier for customers to move products. Many of Topper's proprietary improvements can be incorporated into the Cradle Cart design like the Toppster caster and self-adjusting valve which makes the tilting of 100 or 1000 pounds the same. The Cradle Cart design makes it easy to store or tug many carts together as well as easily move by an operator.

For more information please contact Jim Klenke at 1-800-529-0909 or visit

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