Crating and Packaging

If you need large equipment and delicate machinery safely crated and packed for domestic and overseas shipment, check with CDC Packaging Corporation of Salisbury, Massachusetts. They provide fully integrated packaging services tailored to customer requirements including crate design, fabrication, certification, rigging, documentation, packing, loading, and shipment.

CDC’s Crating and Packaging Services are designed for companies with large equipment and delicate machinery who need custom built crates, heavy-duty skids, cushioning, separate compartments for components and accessories, and special requirements such as shock-, moisture-, and temperature-protection.

Suitable for highly sensitive equipment up to 50,000 lbs., including clean
room products, CDC’s Crating and Packaging Services can conform to applicable domestic, international, IPPC, ASTM, and military shipping specifications. Temperature, humidity, shock, and time-stamp recorders can be provided.

CDC’s Crating and Packaging Services are priced after consultation with their customers and a written cost estimate will be provided for approval.

For more information contact:
CDC Packaging Corporation
Bob Cook, Technical Director
2 Joy Rd. / P.O. Box 5885
Salisbury, MA 01952
(978) 463-9373 FAX (978) 463-9179
e-mail: [email protected]

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