Creform Mobile Flow Racks

Creform Mobile Flow Racks

According to Creform Corp., its mobile flow racks with new Placon conveyors can enhance efficiency, flexibility and ergonomics in manufacturing workstations as well as in warehouse order picking and kitting operations.

The flow racks feature two three-lane levels that present parts in the ergonomic “strike zone.” Physical separators on both sides contain totes and boxes for smooth lane flow. The racks can be customized to meet various material handling needs, since they are created using the Creform system of plastic-coated steel pipes and joints.

The company’s new Placon conveyors feature wide plastic wheels for stability, and its three-inch-wide rollers help address difficult material handling challenges, such as totes with soft bottoms or open-cell designs. Rollers are available in 1 5/8-inch and ¾-inch diameters and in various pitch centers. The 41-millimeter wheels are available in straight roller (PWA) or taper roller (PWB) types, and wheels, supports and axle components are modular. Creform also notes that the plastic roller material is reusable and recyclable.

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