Cross-Belt Sorter

GBI, is proud to introduce its new line of cross-belt sorters. GBI's cross-belt sorter is capable of sorting products weighing up to 100 pounds, broadening the range of products its systems now handle in both full belt and split belt carrier designs.

GBI's cross-belt sorter features some of the latest technological developments for extending the life of the equipment and reducing maintenance requirements. The sorter itself is driven by contactless induction motors. Each cross-belt car unit contains a smart processor with its own independent set of controls enabling a large range of functional capabilities that can be configured on-the-fly. Sort and cross-belt action instructions, such as variable belt speeds and multiple dispatching positions are communicated across a contactless infrared link.

GBI provides automatic product loading by utilizing a series of metered induction belts to load the sorter from a stationary operator placement onto the moving cross-belt. Each cross-belt car is programmed to pull in the product from the metered belt onto the cross-belt car.

GBI incorporated the same logic and controls it has developed over many years of sortation experience to provide a proven, feature rich system. As with all GBI's sorters, GBI offers many options and additional ancillary components to provide each customer a fully integrated systems solution.

Optional components include automatic loading, various display and notification methods, custom chute designs, customized software, and conveyors. GBI provides 24/7/365 service and support for all their systems.

See a demonstration of GBI's new Cross-belt and Tilt Tray Sorters at ProMat, Exhibit # 3531, January 12 - 15, 2009, in Chicago or visit

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