Crown Insite Increases Lift Truck Productivity

NEW BREMEN, Ohio--Globally, the material handling industry is under pressure to improve productivity and reduce costs. Crown Insite, from Crown Equipment Corp., is an approach to productivity optimization that uses data to give users insights about the truck, operator, application and fleet. It collects, integrates and analyzes data, both inside and beyond the truck, providing customers with increased knowledge about productivity and efficiency.

“Crown Insite puts our customers’ needs first by providing new levels of lift truck performance and productivity,” says Crown President Jim Dicke III. “By capturing material handling data and other knowledge gained from Insite, we foresee a future where fleet managers are able to analyze results and make better decisions that will improve their overall efficiency and bottom line.”

Elements of Crown Insite are designed to be used together, and are available as separate modules. The integrated approach incorporates tools such as the InfoLink fleet management system, FleetSTATS program, SureSpec application and Access 1 2 3 Comprehensive System Control.

Sean Bennett, a senior financial operations support manager at MBM Corp., a food distribution company, wanted to improve efficiencies with the MBM lift truck fleet. “We wanted to make our entire operation more efficient, so we turned to Crown for help,” Bennett says. “InfoLink helps us track fleet usage and FleetSTATS manages truck maintenance costs and centralizes invoicing. Because of Crown’s guidance and expertise, we are more knowledgeable about our fleet and this has saved us time and money.”

The Crown Insite approach integrates information, both about the truck and beyond the truck, which provides another level of knowledge for managers. It also includes Access 1 2 3, which monitors and controls key lift truck components and systems to safely maximize performance and provide real-time diagnostics. The system incorporates fleet information by analyzing the age and types of trucks and measuring the true cost of maintenance. Insite can integrate information from the FleetSTATS system to track performance and maintenance to help extend product lifespan. The system provides reports and spreadsheets that help customers achieve the lowest total cost of ownership.

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