Crown Equipment Corporation has introduced a new series of pallet trucks, the PE 4000 Series. A company known for its strong vertical integration capabilities and design award-winning products, Crown has been the leader in the pallet truck market for more than 20 years.

Crown understands the tough environment pallet trucks work in and the PE 4000 Series meets the rigorous demands of pallet truck applications. Engineered to survive the harshest environments, the PE 4000 Series meets the challenges of dock work, transporting, staging and order picking.

Pallet trucks are driven hard, stopping and starting, moving across dock plates and uneven floors. That’s why durability is an important part of the Crown design.

The Crown PE 4000 Series is 30 to 45 percent heavier than other pallet trucks because it uses more steel where it counts – wherever costly damage could occur and at the greatest points of stress. Exclusive structural enhancements also protect against damage and wear all around the truck, and more importantly, underneath the truck.

For additional information contact:
Dave Helmstetter
Sales Promotion & Publicity Administrator
Crown Equipment Corporation
44 S. Washington St.
New Bremen, OH 45869

419.629.2220, ext. 2322

Or E-Mail: [email protected]

Learn more about Crown by visiting:

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