Crown Recognized for Environmental Performance

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) recently recognized Crown Equipment Corp. (New Bremen, Ohio) for its waste minimization efforts. Company representatives accepted an Achievement Award from the National Partnership for Environmental Priorities (NPEP) for substantially reducing its hazardous waste emissions by eliminating the chromium from paint formulations.

In 2004, the EPA designated Crown as a Waste Minimization Partner, one of only 27 in the country at the time, and publicly recognized the company for its voluntary efforts.

Crown, with the help of a successful partnership with the NPEP, has achieved two more environmental milestones: removing chromium from its painting operations and installing a new powder coat paint line.

“Crown can be proud of its contributions. This year, more than 2.8 million pounds in chemical reductions were achieved by all NPEP partners combined,” said Matt Hale, Director of the Office of Solid Waste. “It illustrates the importance of voluntary partnership programs in achieving environmental goals.”

Eliminating chromium from its painting operations resulted in Crown’s ability to reclassify more than 300,000 pounds of waste to non-hazardous. The company now meets its color, gloss and durability (rust inhibiting) specifications without using ammonium dichromate in its paint formula.

“Doing our part to improve environmental conditions is something we’re very proud of,” said Brian Duffy, Crown Manager – Energy, Environment and Industrial Hygiene. “Maintaining our consistent level of quality at the same time is something our customers can be confident in as well.”

Installing its powder coat paint line allowed Crown to eliminate more than 65% of its wastewater from its water curtain paint booths. This eliminated more than 200,000 pounds of water and sludge.

“The end result of both projects is also an improvement in corrosion protection for the coatings on Crown lift trucks,” Duffy said. “We also have an improved work environment for employee and a significant reduction in air emissions. It proves you can improve your product and the environment at the same time.”

Source: Crown Equipment Corp.

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