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Crown Wins Design Award

The Crown FC 4000 Series lift truck has earned a 2002 Good Design Award from the Chicago Athenaeum: Museum of Architecture and Design.

The program was founded in 1950 by Edgar J. Kaufman Jr. with the participation of some of America’s most important designers, many considered pioneering greats of American and modern design.

Michael Gallagher, Crown vice president – design center, said the award is particularly satisfying because the complete design of the FC 4000 four-wheel counterbalanced lift truck keeps the operator in mind.

“We see ourselves as frontline defenders of the lift truck operator. Our inspiration didn’t start at the drawing board. We looked at the operators for inspiration, at the space they work in, because that’s where you want innovation,” Gallagher said.

This philosophy shines through in the truck’s huge entry/exit, low step height and wide foot room with no trip points, all important features for operator comfort.

An exhibition at the Chicago Athenaeum will display large photographs of the product. After the exhibition, the FC will be entered into the museum’s Permanent Design Collection.

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