Spring Lake, Michigan — TGW-ERMANCO introduces CRUZcontrol®, a low-cost conversion kit that allows customers to easily implement the benefits of newer technology on existing conveyors by replacing mechanical sensors with electronic sensors. Electronic sensors outperform mechanical sensors in every area—delivering greater accuracy and reliability and producing much less noise.

With the CRUZcontrol conversion kit, any TGW-ERMANCO accumulation conveyor can be equipped with the reliability, versatility, and quiet operation that electronic sensing provides for products of any weight. Mechanical sensors are replaced with our highly reliable, electronic CRUZcontrol logic assembly. Installation from zone to zone is as simple as mounting brackets, plugging in air tubing, and threading on cables.

The CRUZcontrol logic assembly features a polarized miniature 24VDC photo-electronic sensor that is fully adjustable on its swivel mount and is not affected by shiny surfaces. Along with the sensor, the conversion kit includes a solenoid valve, logic module, reflector, interconnecting cables/air lines, and mounting brackets. Power supplies convert either 115V or 460V incoming power to safe 24VDC.

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TGW-ERMANCO technologies for Cartons, Totes, Unit Loads, and Individual Products include: Conveyors for Accumulation, Transportation, and Transferring, Sortation Systems, Vertical Lifts, Transfer Cars, Turntables, A-Frame Picking Systems, Automatic Storage and Retrieval Systems, and Motorized Roller Conveyors. Regional sales offices and authorized business partners located throughout the United States and Canada. Licensees and business partners in Europe, South America, and Southeast Asia.

Gordon Hellberg
[email protected]

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