GOLDEN, CO USA – Cognitive Solutions announces the release of its new C/Rx thermal prescription label printer. Available in 2”, 4” and 300 dpi models, this barcode printer is specifically provisioned for on-demand printing of high quality prescription labels.

The printer’s large label capacity, small footprint, quiet operation and on-board PCL language emulation further distinguish the printer for hospital or retail pharmacy operations where workflow, cost and performance are important concerns. The C/Rx thermal label solution is fully PCL compliant making it an ideal upgrade for any dot matrix or laser script label application.

Raul Palacios, Director of Business Development for Cognitive’s pharmacy business says, “The Cognitive C/Rx thermal script printer is all about improved workflow, barcode automation and low cost of ownership versus traditional laser printing.”

Cognitive’s unique C/Rx printing solution offers pharmacies the ability to save time and money in their prescription fulfillment process.

  • No toner or expensive dual label/document forms required
  • Simple media path prevents label jams and ensures long-lasting performance
  • Saves waste by only printing the labels you need when you need them
  • Capable of printing Consumer Medication Information (CMI), also known as patient education, ideal when the traditional laser sheet won’t accommodate all the information
  • Cognitive’s C/Rx thermal label printing solution includes printer, labels and software application interfaces.

Cognitive printers utilize thermal printing technology and thermal labels as a cost effective method to reliably print prescription labels. Thermal printing far out-performs other printing technologies in healthcare and pharmacy labeling applications.

To find out more about Cognitive’s C/Rx printers, contact Cognitive’s at 800-451-9874 or [email protected]. More information is also available at www.compactindustrial.com/pharmacy.

Company Contact:
Angela Mansfield-Swanson
Cognitive Solutions, Inc.
[email protected]

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