CSN840 Pallet

COLUMBUS, Ohio (April 2, 2007) - Measuring pallets accurately and quickly no longer has to
be a challenge. The new CSN840 Pallet™ solution from METTLER TOLEDO helps manage measurement uncertainty and increases throughput.

While measuring parcels has become standard in the transport and logistics industry, larger goods
have previously either been measured by hand or went unmeasured due the inability to measure
these items accurately and quickly. METTLER TOLEDO has the solution: the new CSN840 Pallet™.
With OIML approved accuracy of ±20 mm (±0.75 in.), the CSN840 Pallet™ can measure almost
all pallet shapes and sizes, including dark and glossy surfaces,
in less than 5 seconds.

Versatile integration capabilities
The overhead, non-intrusive design can be floor, wall or ceiling-mounted. Not only does this reduce the system footprint but it also provides operators with the flexibility to place pallets under the measuring system from any direction and in any orientation. In addition to general dimensioning functions, the CSN840 Pallet™ has the capability to connect to existing scales and bar code readers.

Seamless Connectivity
METTLER TOLEDO dimensioning solutions are supplied with the necessary software to facilitate
fast, accurate and reliable integration into users IT environment, enhancing efficiency as well as
guaranteeing local legal compliance.

Our proprietary, integrated application software is designed to meet your specific reporting and
communication requirements. User-friendly graphical interfaces, provide operators a clear overview
of the measuring process and historical measurement statistics, at all times.

Communication with your host computer or warehouse management system is achieved through
Ethernet or Serial communication, ensuring seamless interface connectivity.

METTLER TOLEDO (1900 Polaris Pkwy, Columbus, OH 43240 1-866-339-3538 www.mt.com/dimensioning email: [email protected])

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