Cummins Extends Uptime Guarantee

"The Cummins Uptime Guarantee provides assurance to truck fleets of exceptional performance and reliability of these 2004 EPA-certified and compliant Cummins engines," said Tom Kieffer, executive director - marketing.

"Our customers confirm that these engines are proving their reliability on the road every day and extending the Uptime Guarantee reinforces Cummins' confidence in these products."

Since October 2002, Cummins has manufactured and delivered more heavy-duty engines certified and compliant to the EPA emissions standard than any other engine manufacturer, said Kieffer.

The Uptime Guarantee covers Cummins ISM and ISX engines for the first 12 months of operation. With the guarantee, Cummins will reimburse the customer for up to three days' truck rental for any failure on an ISM or ISX engine that cannot be repaired within 24 hours. The Cummins Uptime Guarantee was first introduced in August 2002.

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