Customized Lift Truck Care

Customized Lift Truck Care

The Raymond Corporation’s Asset Protection program enables facility managers to select the service coverage that fits their lift truck fleets and optimize uptime while locking in affordable, predictable service costs.

New lift trucks are backed by standard warranty coverage, which includes fork-to-bumper protection for the first year. Powertrain protection is provided for the subsequent two years up to a maximum of 3,000 hours. Beyond the standard level, companies can choose from three levels of added protection: scheduled service, comprehensive service and optimal service.

Scheduled Service includes essential inspections and maintenance recommended by Raymond and executed by an authorized sales and service center. Comprehensive Service offers service for every part of a lift truck — including scheduled maintenance, parts and labor — at a fixed monthly cost. Under Optimal Service, with consultation from a Raymond sales and service center, facility managers build a customized program from a complete menu of services, including fork-to-bumper protection, information analysis and fleet optimization tools.

The Raymond Corporation

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