Cut Coding Inaccuracies

Cut Coding Inaccuracies

Videojet Technologies launched CLARiSUITE, a code assurance product that links on-product coding to a centralized message database. By taking message creation and management off the production floor, this product is designed to ensure that consistent, accurate messages are applied to products and packaging. The product helps mitigate coding inaccuracies by reducing the chance of human error in the message setup process. It also meets the requirement of retail and regulatory guidelines for accuracy and product traceability. Connected coders and scanners can be set up simultaneously from a single point to maximize productivity gains. Fixed-mount scanners scan and reject unreadable or missing codes, and can stop the line if a coding error is detected. The correct message is loaded at a CLARiSUITE-installed PC or Videojet printer and is then ready to run across the enterprise. Hand-held scanners help select the appropriate print job from a bar code on a work order or on the product.

Videojet Technologies Inc.

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