Cutting Edge


The Cleco Condor is an electric, free-roaming, fully automatable, aisle-changing AS/RS crane. A topsteady feature offers stability and comfort, while allowing higher speeds, higher accelerations, and full capacity at all heights. It uses synchronized traversing or rotating forks or telescopic shuttles to handle its load, and charges its battery during in-aisle operations. Weight capacity is 3,300 lb. Maximum horizontal speed is 9.5 ft/sec; maximum vertical speed is 1.6 ft/sec. FKI Logistex


The G-Force 850 is a tablet PC built on the Windows XP embedded operating system. It offers a resistive 8-wire touch screen with high-resolution display. The Cardbus slot supports any CF card to 802.11g wireless as well as CDMA, CDPD, GSM, GPRS, Bluetooth or GPS. The unit weighs 3.5 lb, yet operates up to eight hours on a single battery charge. JLT Mobile Computers Inc.


The Battery Pac portable control system is designed to be the first response for common battery acid leaks and spills. The unit is able to cover more than 45 square feet and to clean up to a 10-gallon spill. Its 18-in. x 18-in. x 3-in. size makes it convenient to use around industrial battery charging areas such as lift truck charging stations. It includes protective gloves and goggles and is equipped with instructions on the back. Andax Environmental Corp.


The Browser is a 3-wheeled vehicle that operates on 24 volts. It carries one person in a standing position; cargo may be carried either in side-or front-mounted baskets or in a pull-along cart. It has a zero turning radius up to 360 . Maximum speed is 4 mph. The vehicle has an on-board charger that may be plugged into any 120V outlet. Its 8-in. Hub Motor is a combination of motor, gears, electric brake, hub and tire. Assembled Products Corp.

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