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Food borne illnesses make headlines often. To combat this problem, engineers at Shuttleworth Inc. have developed an anti-microbial compound that can be used on its conveying equipment. The AgION-based compound inhibits the spread and growth of bacteria, mold, mildew, yeast and other unwanted organisms. Klaus Daenzer, senior plastics engineer, says, "We wanted rollers that offered lubricity and reduced wear along with anti-microbial capabilities. We worked with RTP Co. on a custom compound with exact loadings of PTFE and silicone. For anti-microbial properties we relied on AgION for their silver-based additive to fight Listeria and other harmful bacteria. That additive is approved for food contact by the EPA and FDA." Shuttleworth Inc.;, 260-356-8500.


Industrial battery users have tried to deal with cumbersome and unreliable methods for gathering battery information. Lots of man-hours have been required for such projects. That can change, however, with Intellefleet's automated industrial battery monitoring and reporting system. It's a blend of hardware and software that accurately measures and manages individual battery performance to reduce maintenance expense and extend battery life. The hardware consists of a cable-mounted Data Collection Module and battery-mounted Temperature Sensing Unit for each battery. The system operates on 12 to 84 V batteries. Each battery is interrogated ten times a second, and the acquired data is automatically uploaded to a Universal Transceiver antenna connected to a base station that automatically emails the captured data packets to servers for reports. You can access the data at any time through the World Wide Web. Intellefleet, LLC,, 888-335-3387.


The Quick-Tilt shelf improves picking efficiency through its ergonomic design. All it takes is a manual adjustment in a forward and down movement to tilt the shelf. No tools are required. The forward position reduces reach and the tilt position improves visual part presentation. Quixxsmart Structures Inc.;, 978-536-9992.


It's not too early to start thinking about next winter and how the snow from last winter clogged your material handling operations. Thaw-Pak hydronic in-floor radiant heat and snow melting systems can help prevent winter from incapacitating warehouses, docks, ramps, driveways and sidewalks. By circulating a warm antifreeze solution through a network of non-corrosive plastic pipes embedded in the concrete, snow and ice will melt away. The system eliminates snow plowing and other problems associated with getting rid of snow. Nor is there need for ice-melting chemicals. Side benefit: Inside floors stay cleaner. Performance Engineering Group, Inc.;, 888-842-9725.

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