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Egrips safeguard mobile phones, PDAs and other hand-held electronic devices from falling and breaking by giving users a better grip. A thin silicone-based product keeps items from sliding out of users' hands or off the edge of slippery surfaces. The grips do not absorb dirt or oil, and are easy to clean with a damp cloth. The removable adhesive makes it easy to change colors or replace worn grips. An even stronger grip is provided when one piece of material is attached to a glove and another is attached to the handle of the object that's being gripped. Flexible Innovations Ltd.


The 10/100 Base-T 8-port hub has been added to the company's line of DeviceMaster products. Those who own, purchase or upgrade to DeviceMaster serial hubs or device service can receive free the PortVision serial port management console. DeviceMaster serial hub delivers quick and easy peripheral connectivity using the Ethernet LAN. It is suited for applications where peripherals are located long distances from the server. The easy-to-install hub offers eight native COM ports, a LAN-attached solution, and application compatibility. It also supports RS-232 serial communication with speeds to 230 Kbps. The bundled packaging of Device Master serial hubs and device servers with PortVision software gives network administrators an easy-to-use, affordable, graphical and convenient way to access, manage and configure serial devices from a centrally located personal computer. Comtrol Corp.


The new VLS-410 wearable wireless computer is voice-driven, enabling users to perform tasks, from sign-on to application selection to work assignments, simply by speaking. It features expanded onboard memory, fast processor, and 10-hour battery life. It incorporates the VoiceXML browser and VR2 voice recognition engine. Firmware and application updates are downloaded automatically via the RF network, simplifying administration and maintenance. Voxware Inc.


Stay-Linked is an RF/wireless solution that prevents costly lost productivity associated with dropped user sessions caused by disruptions in device-to-host connectivity. It features host-based wireless terminal emulation that runs natively on the same computing resources that host the screen applications. It is ideal for adding wireless device access to supply chain and warehouse management, inventory control and ERP applications. Stay-Linked supports many computing platforms, devices and wireless terminal emulation types. It also supports Symbol, Intermec, PSC and HHP hand-held wireless devices that run on PocketPC, Windows CE, and Mobile 2003 operations systems. eBusiness Solution Pros Inc.

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