Cutting Edge


The PosiVent pressure equalization system is designed to eliminate gearbox failure associated with contaminants entering and breaking down lubricants. The system keeps water, washdown solution and other airborne contaminants out of gearboxes in food processing and material handling applications. The PosiVent system is built with a single seam and can be mounted in any position without fear of leakage. It is available as an option on all Boston Gear 700 Series speed reducers. In aggressive production environments, the PosiVent system replaces traditional vent plugs. The system is installed as a last step in the assembly process and easily fits into any of the standard pipe plugs. Boston Gear,, 888-999-9860.


The Auto Height Cart adds onboard intelligence and automated ergonomic adjustment capabilities to the LO-TOW in-floor towline cart (a conveyor that moves carts through a facility using a powered chain installed into the floor and flush with the surface). The new technology incorporates radio frequency (RF) communication with a PLC controller on each towline cart to facilitate assembly workflow, and automatically adjusts work to proper ergonomic settings. A worker logs into a workstation and records his ID, which stores his ergonomic information. An in-cart RF transmitter, which directs workflow through the plant, reads the ID and adjusts the incoming cart to the proper height and work position. SI Systems,, 800-523-9464.


The Z500 laser measurement sensor combines a wide-beam laser (4 to 45 mm wide, depending on the model) and a two-dimensional CCD to conduct accurate two-dimensional measurements in a single procedure. The sensor uses a Class II or IIIb visible red laser (depending on model) and measures at distances from 5.2 to 100 mm with resolution from 2.5 to 1.0 microns. Users can measure level difference, and width or edge position, as needed. The system includes a sensor (up to two can be connected), a controller, a programming console and a liquid crystal monitor that can display measurement data in four different formats. Omron Electronics LLC, , 800-55-OMRON.

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