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The Wireless Switching System (WSS) operates at 27.255 MHz via a proprietary transmission code. According to the manufacturer, the WSS is capable of secure, long-range switching with either a stationary or mobile transmitter. The transmitter accepts up to six separate “dry” contact closures as inputs. When the receiver acknowledges a “station on” transmission, it supplies a maintained 12VDC output for that station. The WSS is designed for pump and conveyor industries, and has application for control of valves, relays, lights, and alarms. The system requires no trenching, boring or cable laying, and solar panel kits are available to supply power in locations without electricity. Remote Control Technology,, 800-275-8558. Write 216


The Techno-Box has radio frequency identification (RFID) tracking for closed-loop systems. The reusable corrugated polypropylene plastic box features self-locking bottoms and tops and knocks down flat for storage. The RFID technology allows users to track the number of times each box is cycled and its location and contents, and can debit and credit accounts. Box sizes range from eight in. by eight in. by eight in. and up. Technology Container Corporation,, 800-962-9218. Write 217


The Cart Lift System automatically keeps carts moving through the assembly process. A rodless pneumatic cylinder activated by a proximity switch raises and lowers carts to or from the return track at the beginning and end of an assembly cell. The cart lift system is encapsulated, eliminating possible contact with moving parts. If accidental contact is made during operation, a pressure differential switch “freezes” the action. In addition, an emergency button immediately stops the system in position. The system also features ground fault indicator lights and pneumatic/electric lockouts. Elevator pairs arrive fully assembled and ready for hook up. Worksmart Systems, Inc.,, (978) 536-5000. Write 218

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