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Areascan DS3 series light grids detect objects and their dimensions. Available in two lengths, the units can detect differences as small as 6 mm in similar objects and detect objects as small as 0.5 mm in length. The grids operate simultaneously in analog and digital modes and incorporate all control functions with the emitter and receiver modules. They can sense opaque or transparent objects, identify different product models or size anomalies regardless of product positioning or orientation, determine product location on conveyors, identify clear parts or containers and confirm full, empty, or partially fill clear containers. Different multibeam configurations can be set by push button dip switches. Functioning modes include scanning with parallel and crossed beams, absolute and relative measurements and teach-in for specific object detection. Balluff Inc.;, 800-543-8390. Write 216


This narrow-aisle storage and multi-directional lift truck is helpful in outdoor applications for storing and manufacturing wood products. These 17,300 lb capacity IC Combilift lift trucks offer all-wheel drive for handling long lengths.

The truck was used at a Houston location of Bison to supply designers and builders with wood products and supplies. The company installed a truck to handle long lengths of product between Bison’s outdoor, narrow-aisle storage area through the confines of its 24,000-sq.-ft production facility. From a time saving standpoint, it used to take 10 to 15 minutes per unit to push a load of material into the production warehosue on carts for 20 loads a day. The new lift truck can do the same job in three to five minutes with just one worker needed to process the load.

The Combilift trucks are equipped with a quick-disconnect spreader bar and 24-foot-wide forks to handle the 60-foot lengths of wood. The multi-directional steering allows the trucks to approach loads perpendicular to their length, but when the wheels are turned 90 degrees, it transports the loads horizontally with added maneuverability. Combilift Ltd. or [email protected] Write 218


The Pro-Point 2331 indenting marking system is controlled with an HP Jornada Pocket PC. It will write batch codes, part and serial numbers, date and time codes and other variable information on a range of plastic and hard metal surfaces up to 50 Rockwell C. Matthews International Corp.;, 412-665-2500. Write 217

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