Cutting Edge- December 2004


The high-speed tilt-tray entertainment sorter handles products such as CDs, DVDs, video topes, cassettes and books. It features automatic induction, print-and-apply "on-the-fly" label applicators and stacking chutes for uniform products. The sorter handles up to 12,000 trays per hour and can label product as it is sorted. Use it to automate processes such as order fulfillment, returns processing and loose receipts sortation. GBI Data & Sorting Systems


The Wobble Light is a self-contained unit that is durable, easy to set up and self-righting. Its dome shields users from open bulbs and metal housings that can cause burns. It disperses light in all directions, making it easy to illuminate large areas. The unit is available in 120W fluorescent, 500W halogen, and 175W, 250W and 400W metal halide models.Wobble Light LLC


This conversion kit converts a mechanical-style dock leveler into a hydraulic-style leveler. The kit features a hydraulic lifting system that, at the push of a button, lifts the dock leveler and increases loading dock safety. It replaces mechanical safety legs with hydraulic velocity-fuse safety to provide unrestricted leveler service range above and below dock. The kit includes hydraulic power unit, all hydraulic hoses and fittings, main lifting cylinder, lip cylinder, full-range toe guard, Safe-T-Strut support system and push control box for easy activation. Rite-Hite Aftermarket Corp.


BossFlex software provides backup for bar code scanning in the assembly process. It can be configured to read all bar codes, including the 2D matrix system. It provides a standalone mobile application with no host required. The printer does all the data handling; one scan does it all. Support services include R/F site surveys, CE programming, installation, training, on-site service and supplies. Boss Automated Barcode Systems Inc.

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