HOLTSVILLE, N.Y., Symbol Technologies, Inc. (NYSE:SBL), The Enterprise Mobility Company™, today introduced the Symbol DC600, a fully integrated and modular radio-frequency identification (RFID) portal system. This system provides organizations with the scalability and multi-protocol read performance needed for a variety of supply chain applications including asset tracking and inventory management. The DC600 packages a complete RFID portal system to help reduce supply chain shrinkage when tracking inventory in motion through designated read zones within warehouses, distribution centers, retail stores, and airports.

The DC600 includes Symbol’s XR400 multi-protocol reader and all of the high-performance antennas and cables necessary for the fast and accurate reading of EPC RFID tags. The visibility and security provided by RFID technology on the DC600 enables benefits such as ensuring automated supplier manifest reconciliation, validating shipment accuracy in real-time, and reducing shipping errors.

“Awareness and deployment of RFID continues to increase sharply and businesses are now better equipped to identify and communicate their key product and selection criteria,” said Michael J. Liard, RFID Program Director, Venture Development Corporation. “Recent research reveals that organizations want reliable, low-cost, high-performing RFID solutions from a single, trusted source with experience. These qualities are key to helping them deploy a scalable, cost- effective integrated solution.”

The DC600 builds on Symbol’s commercially proven DC400 portal and designed to be quickly installed in less than half the time. The DC600 also offers reliable, multi-protocol read performance for enterprise-wide RFID deployments and is easy to install allowing for standard, repeatable installations. The form factor supports flexible mounting and configuration options that enable multiple deployment scenarios, including placement at entrance and exit portals such as industrial dock doors, security gates or retail stores with backroom receiving areas, backroom-to-floor doorways, and office doors.

“Symbol continues to offer customers innovative, high-performance RFID products to simplify enterprise deployments," said John Bruno, senior vice president and general manager of RFID at Symbol Technologies. "Building on our experience with the DC400, the Symbol DC600 is a fully integrated system based on Symbol’s XR400 platform providing customers with access to information across the enterprise at the point of business activity. Symbol is committed to helping customers experience the visibility benefits of EPC RFID technology as it continues to evolve.”

The new DC600 portal system offers bolted installation and is durable for high-volume industrial environments, built to sustain minor, non-direct pallet impacts. The DC600 also features modular electronics to help reduce maintenance costs, sensor-activated reader operation to decrease RF interference, and visual alerts and alarms for edge business processing. In addition, the DC600 leverages the XR400 reader’s application programming interface (API) for standard and customized integration with management systems for performance monitoring and operational visibility.

More information on Symbol’s family of RFID solutions is available at www.symbol.com/rfid.

About Symbol Technologies
Symbol Technologies, Inc., The Enterprise Mobility Company™, is a recognized worldwide leader in enterprise mobility, delivering products and solutions that capture, move and manage information in real time to and from the point of business activity. Symbol enterprise mobility solutions integrate advanced data capture products, radio frequency identification technology, mobile computing platforms, wireless infrastructure, mobility software and world-class services programs under the Symbol Enterprise Mobility Services brand. Symbol enterprise mobility products and solutions are proven to increase workforce productivity, reduce operating costs, drive operational efficiencies and realize competitive advantages for the world's leading companies. More information is available at www.symbol.com.

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