Oconomowoc, Wis. -- With easy-to-add vertical and horizontal dividers, LEWISBins+ Divider Box Containers can be configured for any product size, shape and quantity to maximize tote capacity, increase part protection and prevent part migration. LEWISBins+ manufactures 13 industry standard sizes of Divider Box Containers.

Divider Boxes reduce linear workspace, provide a clean environment and reduce product damage. All containers are now available in Dark Blue, as well as Red, Grey and Light Blue for improved inventory management and feature:

• Three standard footprints*, with heights up to 12.0"
• 10.8" x 8.3"
• 16.5" x 10.9"
• 22.4" x 17.4"
• Large, flat label areas on multiple sides
• One set of cardholder snaps on all models
• Availability in ESD-safe materials
• Compatibility with racking, shelving and material handling equipment
• "No-guess" textured divider grid and numbered divider slots for easy divider insertion
• Security tie and hang tag holes
• Multiple divider heights, for layering
• 3.5" collar available for added height on existing containers (3000 series only)
• Three styles of optional covers that offer security and product protection.

Divider Box Containers offer a 40 lb. load capacity, with a stacking ridge and ribbed walls. These containers are injection-molded in high-density polyethylene. A variety of dollies and labeling options are available to maximize efficiency and flexibility in a warehouse or operation.

*Measurements are for outside top dimensions. Not all containers available in all heights.

About LEWISBins+
LEWISBins+ manufactures a comprehensive line of durable plastic container systems for storage, work-in-process, assembly, organizational and merchandising applications. Their product line includes part bins, divider boxes and heavy duty storage totes, which integrate with a wide array of metal storage systems and wire products. These products help world-class companies reduce costs through improved assembly operations, reduced linear workspace and reduced product damage. LEWISBins+ may be reached at 877-97LEWIS or visited on-line at www.lewisbins.com.

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